On the move.
Specially designed for the modern cycling lifestyle. Every stitch, fold and yoke is carefully crafted to give the highest comfort for the man on the move. They come with everything you could ever need, even reflectors. Now even summer can't stop you from blazing down the streets. These come equipped with an array of Heat Breakers tech to keep you cool and refreshed during and after every commute. Grab a pair of jeans, a tee and shirt from the Urban Riders collection and you're good to hit the road. And that's the true meaning of pedal to the metal.
A contemporary take on the Lee staple – 101. Revamped and reloaded, these denims are crafted from the roots of a rich history, to tell a story like you've never experienced before. Apparel designed with the slightest of details, embellished with an expression of quirk and exuberance that come alive in the graphics and badge details. And they come in fits and sizes that will tell your story from the very first wear.
Put on a smile.
An exclusive line in collaboration with an iconic symbol that resonates with an entire generation, the Smiley. From threaded tapes to unique yellow stitch seams and trims, the Smiley line is designed to uplift and inspire. Because each time you put them on, you put on a smile. Give your classic denim a modern twist. Take a stance without saying a word, and be all smiles about it.