For the lords
of the roads
Product Story
There's a new freedom on two wheels. Called urban cycling. Experienced when one pushes for it with the right attire. The Urban Riders range holds nothing back in providing urban cyclists their space, flexibility and comfort.

Crafted with L-shaped belt loops, stitched with unique trims and patterns, the jeans allow long sitting on the saddle to become a matter of comfort.

Fabricated from Dual-Weather Denim from Coolmax, the jeans keep the rider unrestricted during summers or winters, cooling or insulating the body when needed. A code amongst Lee enthusiasts, its 6-dot imprint conveys street sophistication. Its breathability and Evaporative Cooling technology keeps one fresh all day. Add to it stretchability that hinders no movement during pedalling.

The tees in the range are equipped with reflective strips that grant the rider visibility at night, bringing safety to the pedal.

Encompassing jeans, tees and accessories, the Urban Riders range offer those behind the handlebar comfort that finds little rivalry

1. AnyWeather
The collection features landmark features such as Magma Fusion, DWD and the highlight new release, the Storm Stopper. All meant to guard the urbanely mobile against any kind of weather.
2. Anytime
The millennial rides like the day never ends, and with reflective graphics and trims on tees and denims. If you’re hard to miss in the mornings, you’ll be harder to miss in the nights.
3. Anymovement
Made with smooth stretch fabric, Urban Riders jeans are designed to match every move and swing the rider makes.