3600 Body Shaping
The instant classic hit, Body Optix denims are back. From anatomy shading to double sided seams, these denims give you an all-round grace that is unmatched. Give yourself a sleeker looking body, well-defined silhouette, longer looking legs and an overall flattering fit.

This time, we have made Body Optix denims even more irresistible by adding enhanced features like :
  • Lyocell fabric combined with Lycra beauty for superior fit, feel and comfort.
  • Multiple tonal stitching on the Curved Yoke
  • Curved whiskers

It's 360° Body Shaping at its finest.
By fusing geodesic line and anatomy shading with the warping of different foreshortening patterns, anatomy warping highlights the shape of the body and flatters the contours of the feminine figure. Double sided seams (available only in select styles) also serve to make the legs look slimmer and flatteringly longer. Contoured and body shaping pockets present a sleeker body outline and an aesthetically perfected back profile.
Press Launch
Wearing it is akin to flaunting a badge of intrepidity. Of being the challenger. At ease in one's element. Lee's attire has never been of one following the norm. And ergo, Jacqueline Fernandes finds it only natural to be completely at ease in a pair of Lee jeans. A ground-shatterer in her way, Jacqueline finds with Lee a way to echo her quirkiness, allure and undeniable charm, allowing her to shape herself and her multifaceted world. Being so comfortable as to allow her to truly levitate with abandon.