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Stretch Deluxe

Denims Crafted to Hug
Feb 19, 2016 at 11:32 AM
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Stretch Deluxe is designed for the women of the city. The ones who live in their jeans. The ones who are always on the move. The ones who dress up for comfort and style.

In the summer of 2015, we connected with India’s leading fashion bloggers and asked them to style Stretch Deluxe denims. What follows is a story we will let their pictures tell.


Pallavi Ruhail – Living in Lee

That Delhi Girl decided to spend the weekend in Lee Stretch Deluxe collection.

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Stretch Deluxe 1

Friday work wear


Stretch Deluxe 2

Friday night dinner

Stretch Deluxe 3

Saturday lunch look

Shivi Tandon – Classic Revel

Mesmerising photoshoot with blue jeans and sunflowers.

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Stretch Deluxe 4

“There is nothing quite like a perfect fit jeans. Almost half my worldly problems are solved if the jeans fit me perfectly”

Stretch Deluxe 5

Shivi and The Sunflower

Stretch Deluxe 6

Stretch Deluxe

Srish – White on White + Blue Jeans

Working with nudes and whites, Srish tried on white denims. A first for her. And with the blue ones, she finds her perfect fit.

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Stretch Deluxe 7

“These Lee Jeans fit like a glove and looked even more flattering than regular blue denims”

Stretch Deluxe 8

“There is a flattering pair of denims for every girl out there and I think I have finally found mine.”

Nilu Yuleena – Washed Out

She loves her denims to be washed out and ripped. And unlike most, she doesn’t want them to be skinny, just comfortable.

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Stretch Deluxe 9

Simple yet chic

Ritu Arya – So Many Times + Before the Storm

For Ritu, Stretch Deluxe whites were her first and the others were all about comfort.

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Stretch Deluxe 10

First time whites

Stretch Deluxe 11

Classic blues

Stretch Deluxe 12

Comfort before the storm

Stretch Deluxe 13

“The faded golden trims add a touch of glamour and luxury.”

Urmi + Hemal – Checking out Lee

A vintage photoshoot with classic denims and plaid shirts.

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Stretch Deluxe 14

Their first Lee jeans